Welcome to the Eclipse Home Automation website. This site was built to pass on in about what you can do on your own to automate your home. I've been doing home automation (DIY) for over 20 year, and developed stuff, both hardware and software, which basically allows the house to "run itself", and I want to pass on what I've learned.

New Addition!

EHA is now developing Connect IQ applications for Garmin Devices.

Here is a link to that stuff!

EHA Connect IQ stuff


Right now, my house is being controlled by a custom application which runs on Linux (Fedora Core 10), and uses an X10 Cm15a and a Maxim 1-Wire interface to interface with the "outside world". I've recently added an interface to an Oregon WMR968 Weather Station (replaced with a Davis Vantage VUE on 4-21-11) to add more "smarts" when it comes to the outside world. I'm also using some custom Hardware to control/monitor specific item (e.g. the Garage door being left open).


May 2012.  Adding Insteon to Onextext. 


The links above provide access to some of the things I've done. 



  • Garage Door Closer is a HW project that will allow you to automatically close your garage door if it's left open by mistake.  Full kits and PC boards are available


  • CM15a is an X10 interface, and while X10 provides windows software, I developed a Linux based interface.  A functional demo (with source code) is avalable on the page, as well as a document of the interface protocol to the CM15a.


  • Onetext Weather shows the weather station info as collected by Onetext, the EHA home automation system.




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